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The Town of North Haven - 
A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play
North Haven is steeped in history and our citizens have a true sense of spirit, service and civic pride in their community. We all strive to make North Haven a vibrant place to live, work and visit. We are a unique blend of small town living, great schools, retail establishments, restaurants, shopping and services. We continue to focus on our mission to promote our economic growth and minimize the tax burden for our residents. Our goal of targeting new economic opportunities in all areas will continue to strengthen our town financially while bringing more employment opportunities to the area. We remain committed and strong with a bright future here in North Haven.

​The Town remains a desirable location for families and businesses. Today, few sizable tracts of residentially zoned real property exist, as the Town has invested in open space land acquisitions. These purchases have kept the home inventory at a virtually constant level, while the demand for residences is very high due to the Town's location, tax rate, services and programs, economy and school system. North Haven is proud to have been included in Money Magazine's top 100 places to live in the USA in 2007. 

Connecticut Route 15, the Wilbur Cross Parkway, passes through North Haven as does U.S. Route 5 and Connecticut Routes 10, 17 and 22. North Haven is accessible from three full interchanges and two partial interchanges to Interstate Route 91. In addition, the Route 40 Connector provides a vital link between the center of North Haven, I-91 and Route 10 in the Mount Carmel Section of Hamden. Freight, and passenger service is provided by Amtrak, Metro-North and Conrail, which also operates the Cedar Hill Classification Yard, one of the largest in the East. Most of this yard is located in the Town. Amtrak presently has its regional maintenance of operation in this area. In addition, interstate and intrastate buses and trucking companies provide freight and passenger service. The Tweed/New Haven Airport provides passenger and air freight service and is located 10 miles away on the New Haven/East Haven city lines.

There is a diverse commercial tax base including large and small manufacturers, distributors of food, beverage and industrial products, retail centers, entertainment and restaurants. North Haven has many industrial parks, including the Mersick Industrial Park containing 35 acres; the Wharton Industrial Park containing 200 acres; the Leonardo Drive Industrial Park containing 70 acres; the Exit 10 Industrial Park containing 35 acres; and the Exit 9 Industrial Center containing 130 acres. Although much of the acreage included in these parks has been developed, there are some prime sites still available. 

Increased economic activity and population growth in the New Haven area combine to make North Haven a desirable residential suburb. 
North Haven featured on 
Today in America with Terry Bradshaw 
as one of the country's hidden gems. 
  • New Haven Living Magazine Rates North Haven in "Top Towns" 2013
  • Nerd names North Haven as one of the Best Place for Homeownership in Connecticut (July, 2014)
  • ranks North Haven as one the 10 Safest Towns in Connecticut (September, 2014)